What We Do

On-Point Solutions specializes in using mobile mapping with hand-held LiDAR, photogrammetry, and terrestrial laser scanning to create and deliver point cloud models that accurately document the as-existing condition of buildings and project sites. If your end-goal is to recreate a 3d virtual environment or simply an accurate 2d floor plan, our unique blend of technologies allows us to create mixed media models that provide just the right amount of data for your job.

On-Point Solutions can capture and create some of the following deliverables for your next project:

  • As-existing building measurement and documentation through the use of handheld LiDAR (SLAM) technology
  • Production of point cloud models for architectural, engineering, and construction use
  • 3d point cloud or solid models for marketing and/or facility planning
  • 3d virtual tours
  • 2d data extraction for verification or re-creating of floorplans and reverse engineering
  • Digital elevation models for project sites

What types of building can we measure?

On-Point Solutions measures buildings across all industries. Our approach is perfectly suited for measuring multi-level, complex, highly occluded or high traffic areas. We've had great results across a diverse range of project sites, including the following:

  • Residential homes
  • Hi-rise multi-resident buildings
  • Institutional buildings
  • Heritage buildings
  • Office and retail spaces
  • Industrial  sites
  • Stadiums and parking structures
  • Construction sites

We’ve even mapped and measured forests, mines and ships!  A number of our models have 'co-starred' on US Discovery Channel’s reality TV series pilot ‘Darkness’.