On-Point Solutions is pleased to announce that we are now Canadian distributor for Kaarta's full lineup of real time mobile mapping systems.  Interested in seeing how this great emerging technology can help you save time and money on your next project? Call us today!



Integrated, hand carried real time 3D mapping system
Download Contour Specification Sheet (PDF)

Kaarta Contour™ enables 3D modeling from input to output in real time, condensing the workflow process by eliminating time and cost, and allowing decision-making at the point of work.

On-point-solutions-contour-scannerLightweight and battery powered, Contour is hand carried through an environment as it scans to generate a 3D map without additional infrastructure. A typical 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours.

The onboard touchscreen enhances Contour’s ease and usability. The screen displays the model as it builds in real time, allowing the user to improve results during mapping and even control the display to provide immediate knowledge of the environment. Users are able to pause, rewind, and resume during scanning.

Kaarta Engine, Kaarta’s patent-pending advanced 3D mapping and localization algorithms, is at the heart of Contour, providing highly accurate and robust maps.

Contour is ideal for scanning as-built multi-room interiors, multi-floor plans, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure and more for both planning and maintenance purposes.


  • 7inch touchscreen
  • Pause, Resume, Rewind scanning
  • Range: 20metres
  • Accurate to +/- 3cm; +/- 10mm post-processed in most room environments
  • Data Rate: 43 200 points per second
  • Output in LAS or PLY and import into CAD for automatic floorplan generation
  • On-board HD colour camera
  • Capture Images for registration



  • Native format: LAS or Ply
  • Internal MEMS-based IMU: 6 DOF (X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
  • i7 dual core processor
  • Weight: 2.78Kg
  • Input: Power 12-24 Vdc


Real-time, high fidelity digital 3D model scanning and generation
Download Stencil 2 Sheet (PDF)

Kaarta™ Stencil® 2 is a low cost, customizable mobile mapping platform for rapid mobile scanning; a computer small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to process and view any of the data it captures. Stencil 2’s integrated 3D mapping and real-time position estimation allows capabilities not possible with fixed-base scanning systems.

Kaarta Stencil 2 with Feature  Tracker and iPad display


At the heart of Stencil 2 is Kaarta™ Engine, Kaarta’s patent-pending advanced 3D mapping and localization algorithms. Kaarta Engine’s proprietary approach surpasses the drift error of alternative SLAM systems by an order of magnitude.

Stencil 2 accurately maps exterior and large interior spaces quickly and easily with a range of up to 100 meters with a lidar accuracy of ±30mm. Accuracy is improved by Kaarta’s advanced processing techniques, usually to ±10mm post-processed for typical environments. Data rate is 300,000 points per second up to 10Hz.

Stencil 2’s user interface and on-screen keyboard accessed on the included tablet makes real time operation easy, organized, and intuitive; giving users better control over scanning operations, parameter input, and file management.

Confidence Metrics provide immediate feedback on the quality of scans by signaling whether new scan data is registered properly in the existing map, estimating the likelihood of errors and allowing the user to increase the level of confidence by adjusting data collection techniques or adjusting parameters. Automated Floor Leveling/Sectioning algorithms identify floor structures and smart-scan leveling for better scans and reduced post-processing time. Floor Planner automatically levels, rotates, and generates 2D images of a “slice” from a point cloud.

Map without GNSS or other Infrastructure ...

Scanning beneath tree canopies, inside buildings, or in areas where GNSS is obscured? No problem. Stencil 2 doesn't need GNSS or other infrastructure for fast, accurate, and low-cost 3D real-time simultaneous localization and mapping.

... or correct large areas with the aid of GNSS

Stencil 2 also records GNSS data for use in loop closure to georegister and geolocate datasets, correcting for drift and further enhancing the fidelity of large area scans. Kaarta provides an optional GNSS receiver and bracket kit or Stencil 2 integrates with other NMEA 0183 GNSS systems.

Flexible and adaptable for many applications

The combination of small size and customizable capture hardware creates a system that is endlessly adaptable. Stencil 2 base configuration is an aluminum enclosure with machined plates for lidar mounting and adapters as well as mounting points to attach to monopods, ATVs, UAVs, drones, etc. Feature Tracker, a high frame-rate imaging device, enhances operation in open, unstructured environments. Stencil 2 accepts several lidar models including Velodyne VLP-16 and Velodyne HDL-32E.

Stencil is a turnkey system that contains everything needed to capture and process the captured data. No internet connection, additional computers, software licenses, or subscription needed. Stencil 2 serves as a stand-alone scanning solution but can also be used to complement or augment other scanners.

Stencil 2’s ease of use, breadth of applications, and streamlined workflow make it the perfect choice for infrastructure inspectors, surveyors, engineers, architects, facilities planners, security personnel, or anyone who needs an easy way to document the 3D world quickly and dependably.


  • Adapter fits Velodyne VLP-16 and Velodyne HDL-32E(included or user supplied)
  • mini HDMI
  • USB3 X 2
  • Connections for the Velodyne® LiDAR
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC



  • Native format: Ply
  • 700grams (1.54lb) gram package (without lidar)
  • Laser scanner: adapts to Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32E
  • MEMS IMU: 6DOF solid state
  • i7 dual core processor
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC
  • Output: USB3 (USB3 to GigE adapter provided)
  • Storage: 250Gb SSD
  • Mounting: Hand-held / Roadway vehicle / Aerial drone