Wesley Community Church

Pembroke, ON

Project details - This mixed media point cloud model of the Wesley Community Church in Pembroke ON combines point cloud data captured with the Kaarta Contour hand-held mobile mapping system, with a photogrammetric point cloud of the building's shell. The church's exterior, as well as all levels inside, were captured over a series of 5 scans with the Kaarta Contour.  The point cloud model helped to identify the varying interior wall thicknesses that resulted from the church's multi-stage construction.

The photogrammetric model was created to further enhance the level of detail for brickwork and windows in elevation drawings. Total time required on site for data capture was approximately 4 hours. The project was originally completed for a local architectural firm in partnership with Wesley Community Church.

Site Background - The Wesley Community Church has seen a number of changes since being built during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Originally a Pentecostal Church, services were held in the basement until enough money could be raised to complete construction of the upper portion, which would be the original sanctuary. In 1967 a new sanctuary was built as an addition, creating the facade as it exists today.

In 1987 the building was sold to the Standard/Wesleyan Church and became the new home of the Wesley Community Church. Part of the church's latest construction project has been to modernize the Fellowship Hall, complete with a new kitchen, add accessible washrooms, and improve accessibility throughout.

You can visit Wesley Community Church online to learn more about its ministries and events at wesleycommunitychurch.com.