Historic Watson's Mill

Manotick, ON

Project details - The point cloud model in these images was created from 4 individual scans, all captured with a Kaarta Contour hand-held scanner. All floors of Watson's Mill as well as the immediate grounds and dam crossing the Rideau River were mapped with the Contour.  A Nikon D90 DSLR was also used to create a photogrammetric point cloud of the building shell.

Unique heritage structures such as Watson's Mill often provide numerous challenges when trying to measure and document the structure. Reality capture by mobile mapping with hand-held LiDAR is a perfect fit for such complex environments.

Total time required on site for data capture with the Kaarta Contour hand-held scanner was approximately 2 hours.

Site Background - Watson's Mill, built in 1860, is an architectural gem and a must-see heritage site if you're ever in the area of Manotick, ON. Originally part of the Long Island Mill Enterprise, Watson's Mill remains one of the best preserved examples of 19th century mill architecture and the only working gristmill on the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Through it's  150 year history, Watson's Mill has adapted its role as a gristmill to function as a variety of diverse enterprises, and finally as a community museum. Today, the mill welcomes thousands of visitors annually who can witness the milling process and learn about the fascinating history of the area.

For more information on visiting historic Watson's Mill, check out their website at www.watsonsmill.com.