Site scan of Generating Station

Brian J. Gallagher Generating Station - Almonte, ON

Project details - The point cloud model for the Brian J. Gallagher Generating Station was originally completed for a local engineering company as part of a risk assessment model for the Town of Almonte. The fully assembled point cloud model of the generating station and surrounding site is made up of four scans, all captured by mobile mapping with the Kaarta Contour hand-held scanner. Total time required on site for data capture was approximately 2 hours.

Site Background - Owned and operated by the town of Almonte, the Brian J. Gallagher Generating Station (named after the former General Manager of Almonte Hydro who spent over 50 years with the company and was instrumental in the rehabilitation of the old station and the plans to construct the new lower falls station), came online on April 9, 2010, with a generating capacity of 4.6 Megawatts, nearly doubling the capacity of the old station.  Running the station are two 1700mm Kaplan turbines (re-used from the old station) and two 2300 Kilowatt generators. At full capacity the station uses about 36 cubic metres per second (cms) of water. The station also sends approximately 2.2 cms over the middle falls weir for aesthetic purposes.